Our hygiene measures

How we ensure the safety of our guests
and team members

Our employees have been trained in the new safety and hygiene measures in our hotel.

Besonders hoher Hygienestandard – wie bei uns im Haus auch unabhängig von COVID-19 üblich

  • Public areas with increased foot traffic, such as public restrooms and elevators, are still disinfected.
  • Exposed surfaces such as door handles, card terminals and elevator buttons are disinfected.
  • Increased ventilation / air purifier with HEPA 14 filter
  • Hygiene dispensers for hand disinfection are available in all areas.
  • Dishes are washed at 80°C.
  • We have rebuilt our restaurant: The floor space has been doubled - with the same number of seats as before.
  • The beer garden has been completely renovated and enlarged.
  • Plexiglas screens to protect our guests and team members at the reception desk
  • The hotel rooms are disinfected with a hot steam cleaner, this includes the bathroom, the mattress, the pillow and the furniture. The exhaust air of the device is sterilized with UV-C.

Meeting rooms

  • Hand disinfection in front of the door for the guest
  • Air purifier with HEPA 14 filter
  • Hand disinfection in the room for the guests
  • On request we have a CO² warning device ready.
  • Airing the room during the seminar is done by the guests.
  • At the end of the seminar, tables and handles in the conference room are cleaned with a disinfectant and the room is ventilated, as is customary with us.